The AIB Sustainability SIG organized and hosted a Pre-conference Workshop at AIB UKI 2024 Conference.

Around 20 participants joined us to discuss various topics around the prearranged four themes: MNEs, SDGs & CSR, Sustainability along a global value chain, Circular Economy in IB, Sustainable international business pedagogy.

Shasha Zhao and Hinrich Voss opened the event with an overview of the forthcoming events and activities that the Sustainability SIG is going to hold, plan of the workshop, initial brainstorming about the different discussion themes, and how these topics are going to change in the next 40 years. The participants had the opportunity to choose their discussion group and joined Shasha Zhao, Rudolf Sinkovics, Hinrich Voss, and Maria Ilieva as their group moderators. Each discussion group nominated a representative who summarized their ideas in front of all workshop participants and took part in further discussion with all groups and moderators.

We are looking forward to seeing more participants in the future.