The Academy of International Business Sustainability Shared Interest Group held a social networking event at the 50th anniversary of AIB UKI chapter.

The event, which took place at the afternoon break on 5th April 2024 at Aston Business School, was open for all (over 200) conference delegates. They all enjoyed a variety of snacks and coffee, tea, juice of their preference. The social networking event was co-sponsored by the International Business Department, Leeds University Business School, UK.

The SIG’s Vice President Communications Maria Ilieva opened the event with an announcement about the AIB Sustainability SIG’s upcoming workshops and social events at the Academy of International Business (AIB) 2024 conference in Seoul, and explained about our activities for the last three years. Shasha Zhao (SIG Co-President), Hinrich Voss (SIG Vice President Internal Relations), and Maria Ilieva (SIG Vice President Communications) continued the discussion with conference delegates about sustainability research, teaching, and practice until the end of the break and the conference itself. Many future collaborations emerged following these discussions, we are going to inform you soon about them.

We would like to especially thank to the conference organizer Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi and his team for the full support during the preparation and holding the event. Also for providing a link to the photos made by the professional photographer who took pictures during the whole conference.

Once again special thanks to our sponsor the International Business Department, Leeds University Business School, UK.