Meet our Working Committee Officers

The AIB Sustainability SIG Working Committee consists of 11 Officers who work along with our Leaders – John Dilyard and Shasha Zhao.

  • Communications Officers (Sarah Ku, Hinrich Voss, and Maria Ilieva) announce all events and activities organized by the SIG;
  • Engagement Officers (Sandra Seno-Alday, Marina Schmitz, and Haitao Yu) keep the interest of the SIG current members and add new ones to it at any time;
  • Finance & Administration Officers (Marc Oberhauser, Christian Keen, and Ines Villafana) follow through the financial and administrative activities;
  • Events & Webinar Officers (Glen Muschert, and Martin Heinberg) organize the live and online events, and webinars.

These roles are not strictly defined and all of us help and collaborate with each other. You can reach out to everyone of us for more information about the AIB Sustainability SIG.

Sarah Ku
Sarah KuCommunications Officer
Affiliation: Loyola University Chicago
Hinrich Voss
Hinrich VossCommunications Officer
Affiliation: University of Bristol Business School
Maria ILIEVACommunications Officer
Affiliation: Leeds University Business School
Sandra Seno-Alday
Sandra Seno-AldayEngagement Officer
Affiliation: The University of Sydney Business School
Marina Schmitz
Marina SchmitzEngagement Officer
Affiliation: IEDC-Bled School of Management
Haitao Yu
Haitao YuEngagement Officer
Affiliation: Emlyon Business School
Marc Oberhauser
Marc OberhauserFinance & Administration Officer
Affiliation: ESCP Business School
Christian Keen
Christian KeenFinance & Administration Officer
Affiliation: Université Laval
Inés Villafana
Inés VillafanaFinance & Administration Officer
Affiliation: Consorcio de Universidades
Glenn Muschert
Glenn MuschertEvents & Webinars Officer
Affiliation: Khalifa University
Martin Heinberg
Martin HeinbergEvents & Webinars Officer
Affiliation: Leeds University Business School