The article “How multinationals can leverage social innovations to tackle COVID-19 challenges” by Fernando Santiago, Jahan Ara Peerally, Claudia De Fuentes and Shasha Zhao can be found at the UNIDO Industrial Analytics.

“The year 2022 marks the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Is the world nearing the end of the pandemic? Will 2022 mark the yearSARS-CoV-2 is classified as an endemic disease? How long will the pandemic’s health, social and economic aftermath last? How can we chart a path towards recovery and build back better while accelerating progress towards achieving Agenda 2030 and the sustainable development goals (SDGs)?

Debates around the production, distribution and use of COVID-19 vaccines continue to condition the progress made in vaccination campaigns. The differentiated levels of vaccination coverage across regions and countries highlight the challenges we face in fighting the pandemic in a highly unequal world.”