Exiting new book and website release!

Principles of sustainable business. Frameworks for corporate action on the SDGs

By Rob van Tulder and Eveline van Mil (2023, Routledge)

  • ‘Pulls together the newest thinking. A one-stop-shop’ – Lorraine Eden (president AIB fellows)
  • “Groundbreaking book by highly acclaimed IB professor’ Maria Tereza Fleury (AIB President)
  • ‘Eloquently written, yet academically rigorous’ – Klaus Schwab (WEF)

This book brings together, in an integrated manner, 35 years of research, teaching and executive training in international sustainable business/CSR/stakeholder management. In a world increasingly confronted with a ‘cascade of crises’, the frame of the SDGs is chosen not only because it is the most relevant agenda for the world community or because it is embraced by so many (multinational) companies, but also because it provides an excellent basis to study the impact of corporate behaviour on sustainability issues and to discuss all relevant principles of sustainability. The book is written for graduate and post-master (executive) students, policymakers and business professionals. It shows how companies can design and implement (SDG-relevant) strategies at three levels: the macro-level, to assess whether the SDGs present wicked problems or opportunities; the micro-level, to develop and operationalize innovative business models, design new business cases and navigate organizational transition trajectories; the meso-level, to develop fit-for-purpose cross-sector partnering strategies. Principles of Sustainable Business also presents innovative tools embedded in a coherent sequence of analytical frameworks that can be applied in courses for students or be put into practice by business professionals. An extensive website shows tools, cases, posters, additional information and resources that can be used by students for self-study. A separate ‘teachers resources’ site contains dedicated teacher’s materials, including slides, background materials and suggestions to integrate the presented techniques in courses: www.principlesofsustainablebusiness.nl.

Until 30 June 2023, the book (normal price: £31.99) can be ordered with 20% discount at: www.routledge.com/9780367565596 (enter the code AFL01 at checkout)