The AIB President – Professor Farok Contractor, was asked to give the keynote speech (on June 9, 2022 in the US, June 10 in China) at the 2022 ECUST-USF International Conference organized by the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), the University of San Francisco (USF), and the University of Nottingham. The conference theme, “Reshaping International Operations for Carbon Neutrality in Turbulent Times,” is a topic on which the future of humanity hangs. How multinationals are contributing to reducing carbon emissions is a research topic of interest to AIB members – particularly to the “Sustainability” SIG (Shared Interest Group) at AIB.

A video of Professor Farok Contractor’s remarks (and PowerPoint Slides) can be viewed at 

The presentation treated these topics:

  • Which countries are the biggest carbon emitters?
  • As the world gets richer and more populations join the middle class
    • How much more carbon will be emitted per capita? OR …
    • With further affluence and education, could per capita emissions actually reduce?
  • What percentage of companies are actively engaged?
  • Coming regulations and reporting requirements from
    • The European Union
    • The US Securities and Exchange Commission
  • How companies will comply with the rules and the costs of compliance
  • Assessing the needed capital expenditures in the current turbulent and risky environment
  • Long-term company and industry goals
  • Carbon mitigation technologies
    • How to judge and assess various technologies
    • Physics, engineering, and scalability criteria
    • Economic viability
    • Mitigation methods that require considerable intergovernmental cooperation
    • Material and resource shortages that impact mitigation technologies
    • Examples of what companies have done and propose to do

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Farok J. Contractor 

AIB President 

Rutgers Business School