The Academy of International Business Sustainability Shared Interest Group held four roundtable discussions as part of our ‘knowledge exchange hubs’ (KEHs):

Sustainability Through the Value Chain – 5th December 2022 – Chairs – John Dilyard and Inés Villafana
MNEs/SDGs/CSR – 6th December 2022 – Chairs – Shasha Zhao and HaiTao Yu
Teaching/Learning/Research – 8th December 2022 – Chairs – Marina Schmitz and Maria Ilieva
the Circular Economy in an IB Context – 13th December 2022 – Chairs – Sandra Seno-Alday and Christian Keen

We would like to thank all participants for their active contribution. These four themed roundtable sessions were intended to create a friendly and open space for like-minded colleagues to interact and network with each other by sharing their research topics, questions, challenges, and/or findings. Therefore, the sessions did not consist of invited speakers and were not structured in the form of a webinar or workshop; instead, the session moderators and attendees proposed topics for discussions initially and additional topics emerged during the roundtables. At the end of the sessions, attendees had the option of having their details exchanged for post-event networking and possible research collaborations.

We are looking forward to future collaboration with our community and organizing other roundtable discussions suitable for colleagues who live in different time zones.

We wish you all happy holidays and even more successful New Year 2023!

Academy of International Business Sustainability Shared Interest Group team: John Dilyard, Shasha Zhao, Inés Villafana, HaiTao Yu, Christian Keen, PhD, Sandra Seno-Alday, Marina Schmitz, Maria Ilieva